It is Vero Renzini only if it responds to three fundamental requisites: tradition, research and top-quality raw materials.
Nothing even comes close to a Renzini recipe. Those who work here have learnt to discern and love the distinctive aromas and flavours of our products. Unique recipes and curing methods passed down over four generations have been meticulously preserved and safeguarded. Renzini: unmistakable at first glance and taste.

Food is more than just nourishment; it is also about culture and a healthy lifestyle.

Those who live on these mountains know all too well: a healthy diet based on quality ingredients is best matched with an active lifestyle which endeavours to interpret and interact with uncontaminated nature. Norcia Lifestyle is about rediscovering the authenticity of locations and flavours we select for our nourishment.

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Capocollo pure pork
Guanciale al brandy
Salami sublime with truffle
Salami pepe nero